Then there is one top destination you should definitely not miss -the Schlumberger world of sparkling wines!

The “Kellergstetten”, a charming district in Poysdorf of historic and completely unique monastery cellars, is home to the world of sparkling wines.  Everything that you ever wanted to know about sparkling wine can be found here, over a total of four floors.  This is where knowledge, a passion for collector’s pieces and a love of sparkling wine come together in perfect combination.

 SPARKLING WINE – interesting facts, myths and stories about the wine with bubbles.  There is plenty to discover during a visit to the world of sparkling wines.

The brain is soaked with information – but of course it is not just a dry matter … you also earn yourself a glass of sparkling wine to drink.

Upstairs, you willl see a film.  A feast for the eyes and ears, so to speak, of all things related to sparkling wine. Enjoy the beautiful pictures and interesting details in a calm and peaceful environment.

Now to the active bit – a steep ascent!  In the attic there is not only an impressive roof structure – true craftsmanship can still be admired here – but also a collection of sparkling wine coolers and glasses from all the historical eras of the past century.  Plus, not to be overlooked – one of the largest sparkling wine glasses in the world. a mouth-blown masterpiece.

The exit to the “cellar” at ground level is on the next floor up.  Amazing!  And as an extra treat, the exit leads through a garden of sculptures with many works of art by different artists from the Weinviertel.  There is also a fabulous view of Poysdorf and the Weinviertel.

A visit to the Schlumberger world of sparkling wine world is very varied with something for everybody.

What else should you know?

Usually all tours are led personally by Max Riegelhofer senior.
He is the “soul” of the sparkling wine world and has plenty of stories to tell.  Around 1 to 1.5 hours should be allowed for a full tour. 

In return we ask for payment of €9 per person (this includes a glass of sparkling wine).

After the tour it is of course possible to stock up on a range of Riegelhofer sparkling and still wines.  A chance not to be missed!


Vino Versum Poysdorf Tourism
Brünner Straße 28, A-2170 Poysdorf,
Tel.: +43(0)2552/20,

or Max Riegelhofer senior
Tel. +43(0)664/2860632,

Only open by appointment!

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