2020   The children grow and grow and grow.

Susanne & Max in the Ried Saurüsseln

Photo shoot with Michael Reidinger

2018   We are family: Emma *2007 – Jon *2012 – Lasse *2014 – Susanne & Max

2004     Our first joint photo session

The first vintage with the young generation in charge

2001   Max’s very first photo session with cousin Stefan Olah

2009   The new centrepiece – the press house being put into position

2010   The old press has done its service

2009   Steve Haider encouraged us to get out the old vespas for the photo – they are still working!

Emma – the first Riegelhofer of the „new“ generation

2011   Gentle changes to the „R“ (born in 2004)

2010   Photoshooting with Michael Himml in a relaxed atmosphere

13. 7. 2013  After 15 years Susanne and Max get married

"Yes - finally!"

2013   The Riegelhofer clan has a new member – Jon

„He who gets in…“

„What Max can do…“

„Can also get out!“

„Susanne can too!“

2015   In the vineyards with Steve Haider (behind the camera)

2016  The new tank farm is ready!

That has to be cause for celebration – of course with „R“ sparkling wine!

2016   New tank farm, new photo, this time from Gabi Mirgeler from the Pfalz